SIAW was established by Ilan Sharon in 1984, and later joined by Ben Halevi, the co Director, after the two worked together on various projects since 1996. Both Ilan and Ben have acquired considerable architecture and design skills in their earlier careers.


Ilan Sharon

BA Architecture and Town Planning


Ilan was fortunate to be born into a family with art and architecture at the heart of family life. His father was the first generation practice in the family and had a passion for art which he passed on to both Ilan and his sister.

The rural, agricultural surroundings of their village strongly influenced the young Ilan in developing his affinity with open spaces, landscape and structure and his relationship with the land and ecological issues.

Ilan’s education at a vocational high school in Tel Aviv resulted in his achieving his Matriculation Certificate in the Humanities, principally in the classes of sculpture and painting.

He went on to read Architecture and Town Planning at the Institute of Technology in Haifa receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in those two disciplines.

The period between high school and the Institute was interrupted by 3 years of compulsory Military Service in the Army in Israel.

Ilan’s 40 year career in architecture has covered a vast range of building projects including hospitals, hotels, commercial and residential buildings in both the public and private sectors. He has wide international experience having worked in Israel, Italy, South Africa, Spain and now in England since 1982.

His early training took place in the architectural practice of his father, leading to his first full-time employment at the office of Arie & Eldar Sharon. Later he joined a special American/ Israeli team to design a completely new airforce base.

Leaving Israel, he moved to Milan, Italy and worked for Giotto Stoppino (architecture and product design). After that period he moved on to South Africa and was appointed Principal Planner for the Ministry of Health, Education & Transport in Boputatswana. Remaining in Southern Africa and self-employed, he was commissioned to design two rural hospitals and schools for homelands areas.

He then relocated to Barcelona and led the design team in designing a 5 star hotel of 220 keys for the Ramada Renaissance group. At the end of this project he was invited to join the prominent architectural practice of Igal Yawetz Associates in the UK in a senior role and led mainly hotel projects such as the Belfry Hotel in England. Shortly afterwards, Ilan joined E. A. & A. renowned for international interior design in the field of hotels.

Having decided to settle in the UK, Ilan set up his own practice in North London under the name of AIF Ltd. which in due course became S. Ilan Architectural Workshop Ltd.


Interests - Philosophy, art and technology, sport, tennis (Club level), cars and motorbikes.

Ben Halevi

BA Architecture

Ben grew up in Tel-Aviv by the University, and studied in Alliance Francais and was a keen athlete.

After the service in the IDF within the Intelligence force he read science at the Tel Aviv University until he decided to read maps instead and headed to tour Europe, Asia and Australia.

Architecture studies began at the Sadna in Tel-Aviv (which had close relationship with the AA Bartlett and Sci-Arc). His summer jobs were on building sites as an electrician within hospitals and large industrial installations. His first design job was with a rising star of Israeli architecture, Haim Dotan. The army was a walk in the park compared to 60 hours a week but never as fulfilling. The next stop was the UK - to complete the studies.

After getting his BA from UEL, he joined EAA international where he worked on a large hotel projects and was introduced to the 'complete' design - interiors. His Diploma with Honour from University of Greenwich was with a strong emphasis on sustainable architecture.

Ben was always keen on how technology progresses the profession and developed the CAD and IT within the practices, this speciality offered a managerial role within Richmond International which also operates within the luxury hotel interiors. At EPR Ben was involved in hotel projects and in 'Cardinal Place' (£170M) producing the prominent roof package.

After leaving EPR Ben joined forces with Ilan and became his right hand man.

Ben is a family man and pursues wide interests, and provides multiple lives for inanimate objects.

Lukasz Skatula

M.Sc.Eng in Architecrure and Urban Design

Lukasz was born in southern Poland and grew up in the Silesian city of Wodzislaw Slaski. From an early age he showed interest in the arts, music and theatre. He received a classical music education in the violin and after, in his late teens and early 20s, was part of many theatrical and musical groups.

In parallel at secondary school, inspired by his brilliant teachers he invested time and effort to prepare for the examination competition to secure a place at the faculty of architecture in the major academic centres. The main skill required was a good hand drawing so the thesis subject for the technical part of the maturation exams was themed around the listed sacral timber architecture of the region, its historical, aesthetical, architectural and structural side. Lukasz’s pencil sketches of the churches and chapels were exhibited in town museum and galleries.

At the same time he gathered a considerable practical experience working on building sites during the summer holidays. That helped to shape his technical and practical knowledge of construction and the general feel for building materials and processes.

Lukasz graduated from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning achieving Masters of Science (Eng) in Architecture title - RIBA part II equivalent. His Master thesis subject “ SPORTS AND EVENT HALL IN MOUNTAIN RESORT TOWN - CONCEPTUAL DESIGN”. He took part in many architectural student competitions gaining prizes. Confirmed qualification to practise the profession of Architect No.35/SLOKK/2019 equivalent of RIBA Part 3 by Silesian District Chamber of Architects, Poland.

He relocated to London in around 2006 and is ARB registered architect - reg no 094582J.

He joined SIAW in 2010 as an architectural assistant. This developed to the associate position in which he is responsible for the design and coordination of the key projects the practice is involved in as well as regular supervision on site.

He was always a keen traveler, visited most European countries, their capitals and some interesting small towns. He experienced first hand other people cultures and customs and learned about the ways people treat their build environment.

Other interests oscillate between sports, road and mountain biking, mountaineering, music, composing, playing live and photography. Lukasz loves to spend time with his family and friends at home and in the country.